Error Mode (Initialization Required)


Message text:Device Server is currently running in the error mode, which means that some of its settings are invalid. You are recommended to initialize the Device Server first. Continue still?
May appear in:Auto-discovery and  address bookaccess modes; Settings function


This message appears when you attempt to open the settings dialog while the DS is in the error mode . Because some settings are invalid the DS Manager is unable to read out their values and display them in the settings dialog .

Once the error mode is detected it is better to initialize the DS as soon as possible. Continuing DS operation is this state may lead to incorrect (unexpected) DS behavior and also exposes the DS to unauthorized access- password protection is disabled when the DS is in the error mode

Programmer's info:

The DS Manager verifies whether the DS is running in the error mode by sending the Echo (X) command and analysing the status of the e flag in the reply.