Tibbo Modbus Gateway App

Tibbo Modbus Gateways comprise select* Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable devices running an open-source Modbus Gateway app (firmware) developed by Tibbo. The app is written in Tibbo BASIC and C , using a development software called Tibbo IDE (TIDE) .

Feel free to modify or borrow from the Modbus Gateway app in any way you please. Anything is possible — from a simple logo replacement to a deeper rework of features. Chop the code up, slice it and dice it, put it back together, or turn it into something else entirely. Have no time or desire to write your own code? Contract Tibbo to do this for you!

Here is the URL for the Modbus Gateway project page: http://tibbo.com/programmable/applications/modbus-gateway.html .

Follow the Open GitHub Repository link to view the source files for this project.

The Compiled Binaries link will take you to the downloads page that contains ready-to-use binary files for Tibbo devices that can run the Modbus Gateway app.

Upgrading the Modbus Gateway App topic explains how to upload new application binary into your Modbus Gateway.

If your goal is to modify the Modbus Gateway app, i.e. work with the app's sources, you will need to install our Tibbo IDE (TIDE) software.

You can download this software here: http://tibbo.com/support/downloads/tide.html .

A separate manual, called TIDE, TiOS, Tibbo BASIC, and Tibbo C Manual contains all the info you will need to create (or modify) apps that run on programmable Tibbo devices.

Here is the link for viewing this Manual online: http://docs.tibbo.com/taiko/ .

The Manual also installs alongside TIDE and you can access it by clicking F1 inside the TIDE's window.

  • Not all programmable devices offered by Tibbo can run the Modbus Gateway app. To see what hardware is suitable for the task, read the Supported Tibbo Hardware section.