Development (TiOS)

This section of Tibbo Docs will tell you everything you need to know about developing applications for Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable devices. It is split into two large parts: the Programming Guide and reference material.

In the guide, Your First Project is the single most important chapter — read it!

This documentation assumes that you are familiar with BASIC and/or C. That is, it won't explain the fundamentals of programming (or, for that matter, anything pertaining to common engineering knowledge).

For practical exercises, you will need to have at least one of our programmable devices. I suggest you to use our Tibbo Project System. If you want to get a feel for our software platform before you commit to purchasing a programmable Tibbo device, then try the device Simulator.

A tip note icon.If you're looking for information on developing applications for the Size 3 Linux Tibbo Project PCB (LTPP3), Gen. 2, see Development (Linux).