Custom Configurations

The main advantage of TPS devices is their near-infinite configurability. Since all I/O functions are implemented as Tibbits, you can modify our "standard" configurations in many different ways.

Here are some ideas on how you can "deviate from the standard":

• Have less than four serial ports (for example, three) when you need less than four serial ports.

• On the TPS3, replace "universal" serial ports (Tibbit #02) with lower-cost RS232 (Tibbit #01) and RS485 (Tibbit #05) ports.

• Switch from using terminal block connectors (Tibbit #20) to DB9M connectors (Tibbit #19).

• Replace the 12V power supply (Tibbit #10) with 12/24/48V power supply (Tibbit #25).

• Add a power-over-Ethernet (PoE) option (Tibbit #23).

• Add I/O — our Modbus Gateway app is open-source and can be easily extended with extra functions and features. You can also contract Tibbo to work on the app for you! So, why not add...

o Digital inputs (Tibbits #04);

o Relays (Tibbits #03, #06, #07);

o Sensors, such as temperature (Tibbit #29) or humidity (Tibbit #30) sensors,

o And so on!