TPS2(G2) and TPS3(G3)

The Modbus Gateway app runs best on our second-generation TPS2 and TPS3 devices. These are TPS2(G2), TPS2L(G2), and TPS3(G2) controllers.

These devices belong to the Tibbo Project System (TPS) family. The power and flexibility of TPS come from Tibbits® — miniature I/O blocks that plug into the mainboards of TPS devices. You can find the product introduction here: .

TPS devices are documented in our Programmable Hardware Manual (PHM) .

Here is the link for viewing the TPS documentation online: .

You can also download Programmable Hardware Manual to your PC: .

In this section:

• Learn about standard TPS-based Modbus Gateway configurations .

• Read about possible ways of customizing your Modbus Gateway.

• Learn about our Online Configurator — an in-browser tool used to create custom TPS configurations.

• Learn how to fork an existing (standard) configuration.