DS1101 and DS1102

The Modbus Gateway app can run on our DS1101 and DS1102 programmable serial controllers. These devices belong to our DS110X product family. You can find the DS110X introduction here: http://tibbo.com/programmable/controllers.html .

ds110x-based modbus gateway

DS110X hardware is documented in our Programmable Hardware Manual (PHM) .

Here is the link to the DS110X documentation online: http://docs.tibbo.com/phm/index.html?ds110x.htm .

You can also download the Programmable Hardware Manual to your PC: http://tibbo.com/support/downloads/documentation.html .

Both the DS1101 and DS1102 can optionally be equipped with:

• A Wi-Fi port ("G" option);

• A power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power supply ("P" option);

• A 96x32 OLED ("D" option). The display conveniently shows the Gateway's status information .

DS1101X controllers are powered using our standard 12V power adapters.

There are several status LEDs. For more information on the device states displayed by the Modbus Gateway app see Understanding LED Signals .