Upgrading the Modbus Gateway App

This section explains how to upgrade the Modbus Gateway app running on your Tibbo Modbus Gateway. In other words, it describes how to upgrade your Gateway's firmware.

Firmware upgrades can be "warm" or "cold." A warm upgrade is when your Gateway has a functioning Modbus Gateway app and you just want to upload a newer (different) version of this app. Warm upgrades rely, at least in part, on the Modbus Gateway app that is already running on your Gateway. Removing or damaging the currently loaded app bricks your device and eliminates the possibility of the next upgrade to be a warm upgrade. All you can do to save your device after it has been "bricked" is to perform a cold upgrade. Cold upgrades rely on your Gateway's Loader — a resident program that is always present. It is (virtually) impossible to erase the Loader, and this allows you to save a bricked device.

Here are all the ways to upgrade (or un-brick) your Modbus Gateway:


Warm upgrades

Cold upgrades

TPS-based Gateways

Via Ethernet, using DS Manager or

via Ethernet, using Device Explorer

Via Ethernet, using Device Explorer

DS1101 and DS1102-based Gateways

Via Ethernet, using Device Explorer

Via serial port, using DS Manager