Cold Serial Port Upgrades Using DS Manager

Cold upgrades of DS1101 and DS1102-based Modbus Gateways are performed using the serial mode of the DS Manager utility.

To perform a cold upgrade, you will need the following:

  • A PC with a serial (COM) port, or a USB-to-serial converter (cable).

  • A DB9F-to-DB9F serial cable, such as Tibbo's WAS-1455 cable. You can purchase this cable here:

The procedure:

  • Download the Modbus Gateway app file (firmware file) to your PC.

  • Connect the serial port of your DS1101 or DS1102 to your PC's COM port or to a USB-to-serial converter cable plugged into the PC.

  • Start the DS Manager in the Administrator mode. To do this:

    • Click the Windows Start button;

    • Browse to and right-click on Tibbo DS Manager;

    • Choose Run as Administrator from the drop-down menu.

  • In the DS Manager, switch to the Serial Access tab.

  • Click on the serial port you will be using (for example, COM1).

  • Click Upgrade.

  • Browse to the app file and click OK. The DS Manager will start waiting for your DS1101/1102 to become ready.

  • Power off your bricked DS1101/1102.

  • Press and hold the Setup ("MD") button (the button is to the left of the Ethernet port).

  • Without releasing the button, power up your DS1101/1102. The upgrade process will start.