General Settings

Find these settings:

• In the General tab of the DS Manager's Settings dialog ;

• On the General Settings page of the web interface .

The following settings are available:

Login Password : Set this password to prevent unauthorized access to your Gateway's configuration (settings). The same password is used for DS Manager and web browser access. This setting is only displayed on the General Settings page of the web interface. To set or change the password through the DS Manager , click the Password button found in the Settings dialog.  

Owner Name and Device Name : Allow you to set convenient device identifiers. DS Manager displays them in the device list (the list of discovered devices).

DHCP (for the Ethernet port): Enables/Disables IP address configuration using DHCP.

note_warning-wt Automatic IP configuration is not suitable for your system if the Ethernet port of your Modbus Gateway will be receiving requests from Modbus TCP Masters. In this case, you will need to assign your Gateway's Ethernet port a fixed static IP.

IP Address (of the Ethernet port):

o With the DHCP enabled , shows the current IP address assigned to the Ethernet port of your device.

o When the DHCP is disabled , allows you to set the desired static IP address assigned to the Ethernet port of your device.  

Gateway IP address (of the Ethernet port).

Subnet Mask (of the Ethernet port).

TCP Port 1 , TCP Port 2 , TCP Port 3 , TCP Port 4 : Listening TCP Ports. These ports are there to receive requests from Modbus TCP Masters:

o If you are using Slave ID-based routing , direct your traffic from Modbus TCP Masters to any (combination) of the four TCP ports.

o If you are using TCP port-based routing , direct the traffic from different Modbus TCP Masters to different TCP ports, as required by the port-based routing rules you specify.

Modbus TCP Exceptions :

o When Disabled , the Gateway does not generate any exceptions (but does transparently route exceptions returned by Modbus Slaves).

o When Enabled , the Gateway generates:

▪ "Gateway target device failed to respond" (timeout) exceptions if the target Slave did not reply;

▪ "Gateway path unavailable" if the target slave was not found.

Serial interface (DS1102 only): Sets the mode of the serial port:

oRS232 (full-duplex) ;

oRS485 (half-duplex) ;

oRS422 (full-duplex) .

Serial Port Configuration (DS1101 and DS1102 only): Selects the desired channel configuration (mapping).

Power on Pin 9 (DS1101 only): The DS1101 allows you to optionally output 12V power on pin 9 of its DB9 connector. With pin 9 power enabled you can power attached Modbus RTU or ASCII device right through the DS1101 (provided that the power source powering the DS1101 has sufficient spare power).