Online Configurator

To aid you in defining custom TPS devices we have created an Online Configurator . You can access it here: .

To start, click the LAUNCH CONFIGURATOR TO START A NEW PROJECT button . In order to be able to save your custom configurations, you need to register and log on to website.


The Configurator allows you to select a Tibbo Project Board (TPP), "insert" Tibbits into the board's sockets and specify additional options. These include choosing whether or not you wish to add a Tibbo Project Box (TPB) enclosure, DIN rail mounting kit, and so on. You can also select if your system will ship fully assembled or as a parts kit.


The Configurator watches out for errors and makes sure you specify a valid system. For example, it verifies that the total power consumption of your future TPS device does not exceed the available power budget. The Configurator also checks the placement of Tibbits, ensuring that there are no mistakes in their arrangement.

Completed configurations can be kept private, shared with other registered users, or made public for everyone to see. Any valid TPS configuration can be immediately ordered from our online store.