Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Serial Ports

The following ports are available on Tibbo Modbus Gateways:

• All Gateways come equipped with a 100/10Mb Ethernet port.

• All Gateways may be ordered with an optional Wi-Fi port.

• Depending on the hardware, your Gateway may have up to four serial ports (or serial channels ). You can choose between RS232, RS485, as well as "universal" RS232/422/485 ports.

Automatic Switchover Between Ethernet and Wi-Fi Ports

The Wi-Fi port of your Mobile Gateway is only active when the Ethernet port is inactive . The Ethernet port is active when a live Ethernet cable is plugged into the port (the yellow Ethernet Link LED is on). As soon as the Ethernet link is lost, the Gateway switches to using the Wi-Fi port (provided that the Wi-Fi port is enabled ). Once the Ethernet link is restored, the Gateway returns to using the Ethernet port again.