Disabled (with FF escape) mode

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Some comments should be made on this mode of the VSP. The mode exists so that you could prevent the VSP from sending on-the-fly commands to the DS while at the same be able to program the DS from the DS Manager using inband access method.


Inband programming is usually used when  out-of-bandaccess is not possible. For the inband programming to work the DS must be configured for inband access. In this case the DS treats all data characters with ASCII code 255 (FF Hex) in a special way: all ASCII code 255 characters sent from the VSP to the DS must be doubled, or the DS will mistake these data characters for a beginning of inband commands (see inband commands for details). In the inband on-the-fly mode the VSP does this "doubling" but it also sends on-the-fly commands. If you don't want the on-the-fly commands to be sent then use the disabled (with FF escape) on-the-fly mode- the VSP will refrain from sending any on-the-fly commands but will still "double" all outgoing FF characters. Likewise, the VSP will correctly handle all "double" FF characters sent by the DS.