Tibbo Project PCBs (TPPs)

An isometric render of a Size 2 Tibbo Project PCB (TPP2).

Tibbo Project PCBs (TPPs) are motherboards that accommodate Tibbits. Each board carries a CPU, an Ethernet port, memory, status LEDs, and a buzzer.

Each TPP offers a number of standard tiles with installation sockets for Tibbits. Plug in desired the Tibbits, put the assembly into an optional Tibbo Project Box (TPB), and you've got yourself a cost-effective, highly customized automation device that carries no unwanted excess.

To achieve an economical basic unit price, TPPs keep the onboard circuitry to the necessary minimum. For example, there is no built-in power supply — the boards directly accept only regulated +5V power. Real-world power processing (from 12V, PoE, etc.) is achieved by adding power supply Tibbits. This "no excess" approach is the cornerstone of the Tibbo Project System.

TPPs come in two flavors:

Gen. 2 boards are 6-70 times faster than their original counterparts.