A warning note icon.This is a legacy device. The following information is provided as it was documented originally, albeit with some corrections and changes for clarity and style.

An isometric render of the DS1000.

The DS10xx is a family of Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable industrial controllers.

The DS10xx is a universal platform that is well suited for a variety of control applications. The functionality of the device depends on a Tibbo BASIC/C application created (loaded) by the user.

All devices of the DS10xx family share a number of common features.

Internally, each device contains two main boards: an NB10x0 network board ("NB"), and an IB100x interface board ("IB") that implements the I/O functionality. These boards are interconnected by an IC1000 cable. Some interface boards also carry a second "supplementary" board ("SB"). Additionally, there are two LED boards — LB1000 and LB1001. The LB1000 is attached to the NB10x0, while the LB1001 connects to the IB100x.

The DS10xx family includes the following devices:

If none of standard DS10xx devices suit your needs, you are welcome to create your very own controller with exactly the set of I/Os required for your project. You can also subcontract the design and manufacturing of your custom "IB" board to Tibbo.

When used with the included waterproof cover, all devices of the DS10xx family are dust and waterproof to IP68.

Programming Features

DS10xx devices run Tibbo OS (TiOS). The following is a list of the features supported by their programming platform:


Programming Features