IC1000 Interboard Cable

NB10x0 and IB100x boards are interconnected by a 50-wire "interboard cable." This cable can be ordered as IC1000. There is a 50-pin header on each board to receive the cable end. The header type is 2x25, pitch = 2.54mm. The connector pin assignment is shown below. The IC1000 is approximately 40mm in length (as measured between the connectors). This cable is supplied with each NB10x0 board (but not with IB100x boards).

A diagram illustrating the pinout of the IC1000.
  1. Indicated pin functions correspond to the pin functions of the EM1000 module installed on the NB10x0 board. To save space, "GPIO" and "P" were omitted. For example, "17/2.1" actually means "GPIO17/P2.1." "I1" means "INT1."
  2. Not all pin functions are shown. For example, pin #2 also has "W0out/cout0" functionality, which is not shown in the diagram above. Refer to the EM1000 documentation for complete pin function description.