M1 "Narrow" Tibbits

An illustration comparing the heights of M1 "narrow" Tibbits.

M1 Tibbits are single-width modules occupying one "M" socket on the standard tile. Their footprint is roughly 7 x 14 "squares" (one "square" is 2.54 x 2.54 mm).

M1 devices have four I/O lines for interfacing with the outside world. We found four to be the magic number: it is just right for a wide variety of I/O functions.

M1s can be short (M1S) or tall (M1T). Most M1 devices fit into "short" 12.5mm shells; a select few are 17.5mm "tall."

Each M1 module's color will tell you if it is an...

The green Tibbit color. The purple Tibbit color. The blue Tibbit color. The yellow Tibbit color. The gray Tibbit color.

Input module

Output module


Power supply

Blank module

M1 Tibbits can incorporate up to four status LEDs.

I/O pins

M1 modules have two rows of six pins each:

The general schematic of an M1 Tibbit.

Pins 8-11 are control lines D-A. They are for interfacing with our embedded modules or other microcontrollers. On Tibbo Project PCBs (TPPs), these pins are connected to the main CPU.

Pins 2-5 are I/O lines facing the outside world. On TPPs, they go to Tibbit connector sockets (i.e., connect to C1 and C2 devices).

Pins 6 and 12 are the GROUND and +5V power pins. Most Tibbit Modules consume (take) 5V power. There are also power supply Tibbits that generate 5V power from a variety of sources. Those output 5V through pin 12; for an example, see Tibbit #33.

Pins 1 and 7 are for the additional +15V and –15V voltages. These are optional and only needed by a few Tibbits. Special power supply Tibbit #12 generates +15V and –15V from the main 5V power.

M1 "Narrow" Tibbits

I/O pins