C1 "Narrow" Tibbits

An illustration of a C1 Tibbit.

C1 Tibbits are single-width "connectors." They occupy one "C" socket on the standard tile and install alongside "M" Tibbits. C1 modules' width and height are equivalent to those of M1T devices. Tibbit "connectors" have hooks that hold on to the host board's edge, thus adding mechanical stability.

Some C1 modules are really just connectors of the power jack or terminal block variety, for example. Others "sense" the outside world: temperature, humidity, vibration, and so on.

C1 Tibbits are always orange and never have status LEDs.

I/O pins

C1 modules have a single row of four pins:

The general schematic of a C1 Tibbit.

All four pins are I/O lines that connect directly to the four I/O lines of the adjacent "M" socket.

There are no dedicated ground or power pins. Many C1 modules don't need ground and power anyway — they house connectors and nothing else.

If an attached external device needs ground and/or power, these must come from the adjacent "M" Tibbit. Ground and power are also necessary for "sensor" C1 modules.

For example, Tibbit #28 is an ambient light sensor. It houses active circuitry that requires 5V power. Two of this device's pins are I²C clock and data, the third pin is +5V power, and the remaining pin is ground. This C1 device must be used in conjunction with Tibbit #00-3, which passes through two lines of the I²C interface and provides power and ground.

C1 "Narrow" Tibbits

I/O pins