NB10x0 and IB100x Boards

A warning note icon.This is a legacy device family. The following information is provided as it was documented originally, albeit with some corrections and changes for clarity and style.

The NB10x0 and IB100x boards offered by Tibbo allow you to quickly create a Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable communication, control, or data acquisition system from a set of standard components. A pair of boards — one network board ("NB") and one interface board ("IB") — form a complete system, as shown in the diagram below. Both boards have the same outline dimensions.

A diagram illustrating the combination of an IB and an NB board.

The network board acts as a "connected brain" of your system. It also carries a 3.3V switching power regulator. This 3.3V power is provided to the interface board as well.

The Interface board implements all necessary I/O functionality. You can choose a standard board manufactured by Tibbo or create your own interface board containing just the right mix of I/O circuitry required for your project.

The network board and the interface board are joined together by an IC1000 interboard cable. The wiring of this cable is standard and allows you to connect any "NB" board to any "IB" board. One IC1000 cable is provided with each "NB" board (but not with "IB" boards).

Where the required I/O components cannot fit on the interface board alone, a supplementary board ("SB") is used. The supplementary board sits on top of the interface board and can be almost as large as the latter (see here for the mechanical specifications). Connections (connectors) between the interface board and the supplementary board are not standardized and are implemented as needed for a particular "IB" + "SB" combination. There is no direct connection between the supplementary board and the network board.

To indicate various system states, there are LB100x LED boards. Each LB100x board accommodates up to 11 LEDs. A typical system uses two standard LED boards — the LB1000 on the "NB" side, and the LB1001 on the "IB" side. LED boards connect to "NB" and "LB" boards by a flat LC1000 cable. Network and interface boards have mounting holes for optionally attaching LB100x boards to them. A custom-made "brass offset" part BP1000 is used for the purpose. LED boards can also be mounted independently. Ordering any "NB" or "IB" board also gets you an LED board and LC1000 cable, which will come attached to said "NB" or "LB" board.

Tibbo's NB10x0 and IB100x boards can be used "as is" or with a stylish, industrial-grade housing — the DS10xx series industrial controllers are based on these boards as well. The  NB1000 and IB1000 boards are also used in the EM1000EV evaluation kit.