A warning note icon.This is a legacy device. The following information is provided as it was documented originally, albeit with some corrections and changes for clarity and style.

An annotated picture of the EM1000TEV.

The EM1000TEV development system was designed to aid you in developing data terminals, data collection devices, and control equipment based on the EM1000 embedded module. Hence, the abbreviation: "TEV" stands for "terminal evaluation."

The EM1000TEV includes the following boards:

You can choose what display board is installed on your EM1000TEV. See Ordering Info for details.

The EM1000TEV is supplied with a sophisticated Tibbo BASIC/C "terminal" demo application that demonstrates the use of all hardware facilities of this development system. The application implements a hypothetical data collection terminal complete with onscreen setup menus, browser interface, event log, etc. The latest version of the application can be obtained from Tibbo website.