TPS Devices

A diagram illustrating the configuration required for an XModem serial update on a TPS device.

This information pertains to these Tibbo Project System (TPS) devices: TPP2, TPP3, TPP2(G2), TPP3(G2).

TPS devices have the TX and RX lines of their first serial port routed to socket S1. Plug Tibbit #01 (RS232) or #02 (RS232/422/485) into S1 (Tibbit #02 will also occupy S3). Plug Tibbit #19 (DB9M) into S2/S4. Alternatively, you can use just one Tibbit #44-1 in S1-S4.

Provide power, for example, by using a 12V power adapter and Tibbits #09 or #18. Use Tibbo's WAS-P0005(B) green serial cable to connect the device's DB9M connector with the COM port of your PC (or your USB-to-serial adapter).