Call Stack Pane

View > Call Stack to show/hide this pane. See also: Debugging

An annotated screenshot of TIDE's Call Stack pane.

The Call Stack pane only shows stack contents when the VM is in the  BREAK  state.

The stack should be viewed bottom-to-top, meaning that the older (deeper) the procedure is, the lower it is in the list.

Double-clicking on any entry in the call stack teleports you to a corresponding place in the sources (displayed with a blue highlight) and also changes the scope used by the Watch. That is, the Watch scope switches to the scope of the location you double-clicked in the Call Stack pane.

The screenshot above shows five calls on stack. There are two call chains involved. Everything started with the ON_SYS_INIT event. Procedure foo(), apparently, had the doevents statement in it because a different chain (for the ON_SYS_TIMER event) has started before the ON_SYS_INIT chain completed execution.