.copyfirmwarelzo Method, 16-Bit Version (Selected Platforms Only)

A tip note icon.The fd.copyfirmwarelzo method for 32-bit platforms is described here.


Assumes that there is an LZO-compressed block of data containing TiOS and, optionally, an application binary stored beginning from the logical sector 0 of the flash memory. Decompresses the data into the TiOS (and application) area of the flash, then reboots the device to make it run new TiOS firmware (and application).


fd.copyfirmwarelzo(byref length as dword)



See Also:

Self-Upgrading the Firmware/Application, Direct Sector Access, fd.copyfirmware, fd.copyfirmwarelzo, fd.copyfirmwarefromfile, fd.copyfirmwarefromfilelzo




Compressed data length in bytes.


The decompression algorithm accepts data compressed with the lzo1x-999.exe utility.

The application portion (compiled Tibbo BASIC/C application binary) is optional.

Certain platforms do not support this method. Refer to your platform documentation for details.

A warning note icon.BE VERY CAREFUL! Using this method on incorrect data will "incapacitate" your device and further remote upgrades will become impossible. You will need to visit your device's site and upload correct firmware and/or application, possibly through its serial port. Scary, huh?

.copyfirmwarelzo Method, 16-Bit Version (Selected Platforms Only)