TiOS Simulator

TiOS Simulator implements a virtual Tibbo OS (TiOS) device incorporating virtual Ethernet interface, virtual EEPROM, virtual flash memory, virtual MD button, buzzer, and status LEDs, as well as virtual LCD and keypad.

The Simulator makes it possible to test-drive Tibbo IDE (TIDE) software and TiOS, as well as run and debug Tibbo BASIC/C applications, without having to commit to a purchase of a physical Tibbo device.

The Simulator installs alongside TIDE and can be found here: WINDOWS START / Tibbo / Tibbo IDE / TiOS Simulator.

You can start TiOS Simulator from within TIDE as well: Debug > Start TiOS Simulator.


TIDE is distributed with a number of test projects written specifically for TiOS Simulator. You can find them here: (My) Documents\TIDE\Samples.

note_further-wtThe Simulator cannot fully replace a hardware Tibbo device. The SIMULATOR platform does not support some of the objects, and numerous limitations apply to those objects that are supported. As such, the Simulator can only serve as the first step in your exploration of the Tibbo world. For a taste of the real thing, invest in a real Tibbo device of your own. This will be money well spent.  

For more information on the Simulator, see the SIMULATOR platform documentation.