.varbuffsize R/O Property (32-Bit Platforms Only)


For the currently selected socket (selection is made through sock.num), returns current VAR buffer capacity in bytes.



Value Range:

Platform-dependent, default = 0

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The VAR buffer is only required when you plan to use this socket in the HTTP mode — see the sock.httpmode and sock.httpportlist properties.

Working With HTTP Variables explains how the built-in HTTP server works, and how the VAR buffer is used to receive HTTP variables.

The buffer capacity can be changed through the sock.varbuffrq method, which requests the buffer size in 256-byte pages, whereas this property returns the buffer size in bytes.

The relationship between the two is as follows: sock.varbuffsize = num_pages * 256 - 33 (or = 0 when num_pages = 0), where "num_pages" is the number of buffer pages that was GRANTED through the sock.varbuffrq. The "- 33" is because this number of bytes is needed for internal buffer variables.

A warning note icon.This property is only available on 32-bit platforms.

.varbuffsize R/O Property (32-Bit Platforms Only)