.httpmode Property


For the currently selected socket (selection is made through sock.num), specifies whether this socket is in the HTTP mode.


Enum (no_yes, byte)

Value Range:

0 — NO (default): "regular" TCP connection.

1 — YES: HTTP connection.

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This property is irrelevant when sock.protocol = PL_SOCK_PROTOCOL_UDP. If you do not set this property directly, it's value will be:

You can manually switch any TCP connection at any time after it has been established from "regular" to HTTP by setting sock.httpmode = 1. However, this operation is "sticky" — once you have converted the TCP connection into the HTTP mode, you cannot convert it back into the regular mode. Trying to set sock.httpmode = 0 won't have any effect — the TCP connection will remain in the HTTP mode until this connection is closed.

.httpmode Property