.interface Property


Chooses the full-duplex or half-duplex operating mode for the currently selected serial port (selection is made through ser.num).


Enum (pl_ser_interface, byte)

Value Range:

  • 0 — PL_SER_SI_FULLDUPLEX (default): full-duplex mode.
  • 1 — PL_SER_SI_HALFDUPLEX: half-duplex mode.

See Also:

UART Mode, Serial Settings


The full-duplex mode is suitable for RS232, RS422, or four-wire RS485 communications. RTS output (together with CTS input) can be used for optional hardware flow control (ser.flowcontrol).

The half-duplex mode is suitable for two-wire RS485 communications. The RTS line is used for direction control. Hardware flow control is not possible, so the value of ser.flowcontrol is irrelevant. Direction control polarity can be set through ser.dircontrol.

This property is only relevant when the port is in the UART mode (ser.mode = 0 — PL_SER_MODE_UART).

Depending on your platform, you may be allowed to remap RTS and CTS lines to other I/O pins of the device through the ser.rtsmap and ser.ctsmap properties. Also, you may be required to configure the RTS and CTS lines as an input and output through the io.enabled property of the io. object. For more information, refer to your device's platform documentation (for example, the EM1000's is here).

.interface Property