.getnumfiles Method


Returns the total number of files currently stored on the disk.


fd.getfreespace() as word


0-65535, also affects the state of fd.laststatus. The following status codes are possible:

0 — PL_FD_STATUS_OK: Completed successfully.

1 — PL_FD_STATUS_FAIL : Physical flash memory failure (fatal).

2 — PL_FD_STATUS_CHECKSUM_ERR: Checksum error has been detected in one of the disk sectors (fatal).

3 — PL_FD_STATUS_FORMAT_ERR: Disk formatting error has been detected (fatal).

8 — PL_FD_STATUS_NOT_READY: The disk is not mounted.

See Also:

Creating, Deleting, and Renaming Files, Walking Through the File Directory, Checking Disk Vitals, fd.capacity, fd.numservicesectors, fd.totalsize, fd.getfreespace, fd.maxstoredfiles


The disk must be mounted (see fd.mount) for this property to return a meaningful value.

.getnumfiles Method