.mount Method


Mounts (prepares for use) the flash disk already existing in the flash memory.


fd.format() as pl_fd_status_codes


One of the following pl_fd_status_codes, also affects fd.laststatus:

0 — PL_FD_STATUS_OK: Completed successfully.

1 — PL_FD_STATUS_FAIL : Physical flash memory failure (fatal).

2 — PL_FD_STATUS_CHECKSUM_ERR: Checksum error has been detected in one of the disk sectors (fatal).

3 — PL_FD_STATUS_FORMAT_ERR: Disk formatting error has been detected (fatal).

16 — PL_FD_STATUS_FLASH_NOT_DETECTED: Flash IC wasn't detected during boot, fd. object cannot operate normally.

See Also:

Mounting the Flash Disk, fd.formatj, fd.ready


This method also finishes the transaction commit job if it was started with the fd.transactioncommit method and wasn't completed properly due to a power failure or some other reason.

.mount Method