Power Jack, Terminals, and Power Regulator

The power jack of the NB1000 accepts "small" power connectors with a 3.5mm diameter. Use the 12VDC/1A APR-P0008, APR-P0009, or APR-P0010 power adapter supplied by Tibbo or a similar adapter. On the power jack, the ground is "on the outside," as shown in the figure below.

Another way to connect power is through the power terminals located next to the power jack. The ground and "+" terminal positions are shown in the NB1000 layout diagram. The acceptable supply power range is 10~18VDC (12VDC nominal).

A diagram illustrating a 12V~18V power jack.

The NB1000 carries an onboard 3.3V switching power regulator that provides stabilized power to the NB1000 itself and to an IB100x interface board, connected to the NB1000 via the IC1000 interboard cable.

Note that the IC1000 interboard cable also has lines that carry "raw" input power (Vin lines). The IB100x board you are using may have its own power supply.