BLE Console

The BLE console allows you to access the Device Configuration Block (DCB) parameters through the BLE interface of the WM2000 and the WS1102.

The M/L V4 Flowchart shows how to access the BLE console (see the very bottom of the flowchart). Alternatively, follow this infographic detailing the shortest path into the console:

An infographic detailing how to enter the BLE Console mode.

A tip note icon.Once the green status LED turns on, you are in the Wi-Fi Phase. If the autoconnect parameter is set to yes, the device will attempt to associate with an access point. To skip this, you need to press the MD button (pull the MD line LOW) as soon as the green status LED is on and before the association occurs. If the association is happening too fast, turn the access point off or move out of its range.

After the BLE console starts, access it from a Bluetooth-enabled PC:

1. In a Chromium-based web browser (Chrome, Chromium, Opera, or Edge), open

A screenshot of the BLE Terminal web app.

2. Click on Connect a Device.

3. In the pop-up dialog, select your device.

4. Click on Pair.

Once the BLE State reads Connected, the console is ready for use.

A screenshot of the BLE Terminal web app.

Available Commands




Prints the help info shown on the screenshot below.

get <parameter>

Returns the current value of the specified DCB parameter.

set <parameter> <value>

Sets the new value of the specified DCB parameter.

reset all

Restores (initializes) all DCB parameters to their factory defaults. You can initialize the DCB parameters using the MD button.


Exits the BLE console and reboots the device.

Note that all commands, parameters, and values are case-sensitive.

BLE Console

Available Commands