Cable Probes

A top-down render of Cable Probes

Cable Probes are a family of miniature environment sensors measuring ambient temperature, humidity, and light. The family also includes an IR receiver/transmitter. Cable Probes are primarily intended for use with our Tibbo Project System (TPS) devices. Each Cable Probe has a Tibbit counterpart and you can think of CPs as "Tibbits on a cable." Of course, you can wire the Cable Probes to other hardware as well.

At the moment, Tibbo offers four Cable Probe types:

Cable Probes are inconspicuous and can be mounted on walls and ceilings without attracting unwanted attention. The Cable Probes come with a 100cm cable and are available with and without mounting ears. To simplify the installation on smooth and flat surfaces, a double-sided sticker is included with each Cable Probe.