API procedure, calculates the pre-shared master key for WPA1 and WPA2 security modes.


function wln_wpa_mkey_get(byref password as string, byref ssid as string) as string


Pre-shared master key string

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The "human" password for the access point.


SSID (name) of the access point.


In WPA1-PSK and WPA2-PSK security schemes, the password you set and the SSID of the access point are used to calculate a so-called pre-shared master key, which is the actual password used in communications between your device and the access point. The password and the pre-shared master key are not to be confused: the password is the string you manually enter (on the setup page) when configuring the access point. The pre-shared master key is a binary string that you never get to handle directly.

On Tibbo devices, pre-shared master key calculation takes up to 2 minutes. Fortunately, the key needs only be calculated when there is the password or SSID change.

Callback_wln_mkey_progress_update() is called periodically from within wln_wpa_mkey_get().This enables your application to indicate the calculation progress to the user (i.e. by drawing a progress bar on the LCD screen).