Selecting Domain (Optional)

Wireless communications and channels are tightly regulated in every country on Earth, and this applies to Wi-Fi networks as well. Not every one of all existing pre-defined channels is allowed to be used in every country. It is your responsibility to set the correct "domain" for your Wi-Fi device. This is done through the wln.domain property. Supported domains are US (FCC), EU, and JAPAN.

Selection you make restricts available channels for wln.activescan and wln.associate methods. These are the methods that cause the GA1000 and WA2000 to transmit data. Wln.scan is not restricted by the selected domain in any way, because it only listens for incoming Wi-Fi signals, without actually transmitting anything.

One side effect of the above is that you may be able to discover a network with wln.scan, yet unable to associate with it because this network is operating on a channel which is disallowed in a currently selected domain!

Wln.domain can't be changed while the Wi-Fi hardware is operational (wln.enabled= 1- YES).