Properties, Methods, Events

Properties, methods, and events of the wln. object.

Here is a simple classification for the object's properties, methods, and events:

Bringing Up Wi-Fi Interface

oConfiguring Interface Lines

Wln.clkmap property

Wln.csmap property

Wln.dimap property

Wln.domap method

oSelecting domain and allowed bands, setting MAC address:

Wln.domain method property

Wln.mac property

oAllocating buffer memory:

Wln.buffrq method

Wln.buffsize method

oDetermining Wi-Fi module type, booting up the hardware, disabling Wi-Fi interface:

Wln.getmoduletype method

Wln.boot method

Wln.disable method

Wln.enabled R/O property

oSetting IP, Gateway IP, and netmask:

Wln.gatewayip property

Wln.ip property

wln.netmask property

•Events and tasks:

oOn_wln_event event

oOn_wln_task_complete event

oWln.task R/O property

Scanning for Wi-Fi networks:

oWln.activescan method

oWln.scan method

oWln.scanfilter property

oWln.scanresultbssid R/O property

oWln.scanresultbssmode R/O property

oWln.scanresultchannel R/O property

oWln.scanresultrssi R/O property

oWln.scanresultssid R/O property

oWln.scanresultwpainfo R/O property

Setting Wi-Fi secirity:

oWln.setwep method

oWln.setwpa method

Associating with a network, creating own network, disassociating, terminating own network, checking the signal strength:

oWln.associate method

oWln.associationstate R/O property

oWln.disassociate method

oWln.networkstart property

oWln.networkstop property

oWln.rssi R/O property

Updating firmware of the WA2000:

oWln.boot method*

oWln.disable method*

oWln.getmoduletype method*

oWln.disable method*

oWln.enabled R/O property*

oWln.fwversion property

oWln.monversion property

oWln.setupgraderegion method

oWln.upgrade method

oWln.waitforupgradecompletion method

oWln.writeflashpage method

\ Indirectly related to firmware upgrades.*