If you know how to work with our original GA1000 device and are planning to switch to Tibbo's newer WA2000 Wi-Fi/BLE add-on module, then check out the Quick Reference: WA2000 vs. GA1000 .

If you are new to Wi-Fi communications, then we recommend you to start from the Wi-Fi Parlance Primer . It will introduce you to some important Wi-Fi lingo.

The Wln Tasks and Wln State Transitions topics explain the basics of interacting with the wln. object.  

The rest of the manual follows the natural sequence of steps that you usually take when working with and through the Wi-Fi interface. The steps are as follows:

Brining up Wi-Fi interface

Scanning for Wi-Fi networks

Setting Wi-Fi security (WEP or WPA)

Associating with a network (or creating own network )

Communicating via Wi-Fi interface

Checking the signal strength

Disassociating from a network (or terminating own network )

Detecting disassociation or offline state

Disabling Wi-Fi interface

Updating Firmware (WA2000 only) *

*Of the WA2000 module, that is.