Disabling Wi-Fi Interface

You can disable the wln. object by calling wln.disable . After this, you can enable the wln. object again by resetting the Wi-Fi module and calling wln.boot .

Disabling the wln. object is not the same as shutting down the Wi-Fi module. Disabling the wln. object means that TiOS stops servicing it. The Wi-Fi module itself continues to run. To shut the Wi-Fi module down, put it in reset .  

Note that the object does not become disabled immediately upon invoking wln.disable. To detect when this actually happens, poll the value of wln.enabled until it becomes 0- NO:

** Tibbo Basic **

While wln.enabled<>NO

Alternatively, wait for the on_wln_event (0- PL_WLN_EVENT_DISABLED ) event -- it is generated when the wln. object is disabled.