Enum pl_int_num

Enum pl_int_num contains the list of constants that refer to available interrupt lines. Interrupt lines are mapped to GPIO lines (this mapping can't be altered). For example, interrupt line 0 corresponds to GPIO line 16, interrupt line 1- to GPIO line 17, and so on. Keep in mind that for an interrupt line to work you need to configure the corresponding GPIO line as input.

Enum pl_int_num includes the following constants:

0- PL_INT_NUM_0:Interrupt line 0 (mapped onto I/O line 16).
1- PL_INT_NUM_1:Interrupt line 1 (mapped onto I/O line 17).
2- PL_INT_NUM_2:Interrupt line 2 (mapped onto I/O line 18).
3- PL_INT_NUM_3:Interrupt line 3 (mapped onto I/O line 19).
4- PL_INT_NUM_4:Interrupt line 4 (mapped onto I/O line 20).
5- PL_INT_NUM_5:Interrupt line 5 (mapped onto I/O line 21).
6- PL_INT_NUM_6:Interrupt line 6 (mapped onto I/O line 22).
7- PL_INT_NUM_7:Interrupt line 7 (mapped onto I/O line 23).
8- PL_INT_NULL:This is a NULL interrupt line that does not physically exist.