The Access Control Demo

We are going to teach the AGG library by creating a simple access control application. The application is super-minimalistic but it still implements the core of access control functionality:

  • Monitoring one door;
  • Maintaining a user table (a list of allowed users and their access codes) and granting access;
  • Sounding alarm when the door is forced;
  • Allowing for remote door opening by the AggreGate operator.

The plan is to allow running this access control demo on most of our BASIC/C-programmable devices. You will need a bit of a "make believe" to be able to see an access control system in a product like our DS1206:

  • We will pretend that the green status LED is the door lock. Green LED ON = unlocked.
  • We will further pretend that the red status LED is the alarm relay. Red LED ON = alarm (door forced).
  • We will imagine that the MD button is our door sensor. MD button pressed = door opened.
  • Finally, we will use the serial port for receiving user codes. You can connect a real card reader, or use I/O NINJA to type in the codes.

The application will work on BASIC/C-programmable Tibbo devices with RTC. Examples of such devices:

If you are designing a real access control system based on our module or device, you will have no difficulty converting this demo application to driving real relays, monitoring real sensors, etc.