The sys.version property returns the version of the TiOS (firmware) running on your device.

The sys.halt method can be used to halt the execution of your program. For example, you can use this to halt the program when the Ethernet interface failure is detected:

** Tibbo Basic **

if net.failure= YES then
end if

The sys.reboot method causes the device to reboot. This may be needed, for instance, to change the mode of the PLL.

The sys.runmode read-only property informs whether the device is running in the release or debug mode. This data can be used by the program to exhibit different behavior- for example report all errors in the debug mode and try to "manage on its own" in the release mode.

The sys.resettype read-only property tells you what caused the most recent reset experienced by your device.

In debug mode, the sys.debugprint method prints messages into TIDE's output pane. This is very useful for execution tracing!