Stor.Size R/O Property


Returns total EEPROM memory capacity (in bytes) for the current device.



Value Range:


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Stor Object


Certain amount of EEPROM memory is occupied by the special configuration section — for details on what this area actually stores see your device's platform documentation (for example, EM1000's is here).

By default, special configuration area is not accessible to the application and is excluded from memory capacity reported by the stor.size. For example, if the EEPROM IC used by this platform has 2048 bytes of data, and the size of the special configuration memory is 8 bytes, then the stor.size will return 2040 by default. At the same time, the default value of stor.base property will be 9, which means that the EEPROM locations 1-8 are occupied by the special configuration area.

If you set the stor.base to 1 (for instance, to edit the MAC address), the stor.size will show the capacity of 2048. In other words, the number this property returns is actual_EEPROM_capacity-stor.base+1.