API procedure, writes (sets) the timestamp for the specified setting. Only available when STG_TIMESTAMP is 1.


function stg_set_ts(byref stg_name_or_num as string) as en_stg_status_codes

See Also:

Understanding Timestamps




Setting name or number. If the supplied string does not start with a digit (0-9), then the string is interpreted as the name of the setting. If the string starts with a digit, then this will be interpreted as the setting number. Settings are numbered counting from 0, and in the order of their appearance in the setting configurator.

stg_timestamp variable

This global variable should be preset with the desired timestamp prior to calling stg_set_ts().


This procedure allows to modify the timestamp of the setting without affecting the values of setting members.

New timestamp is also set for the setting also when one of the following procedures executes: