.Zmode Property


For the currently selected SSI channel (see ssi.channel) sets/returns the mode of the data out (DO) line.


Enum (pl_ssi_zmodes , byte)

Value Range:

0- PL_SSI_ZMODE_ALWAYS_ENABLED (default): the DO line toggles normally by setting the output buffer to LOW or HIGH.

1- PL_SSI_ZMODE_ENABLED_ON_ZERO: for HIGH state, the output buffer of the DO line is turned off, for LOW state, the output buffer is turned on and the line is set to LOW.

See Also:

ssi.baudrate, ssi.direction, ssi.mode


This property is only useful on devices with unidirectional I/O lines and in case the DO and DI lines are joined together, as necessary for the I2C and similar interfaces. See More on I2C for more details.

This property can only be changed when ssi.enabled= 0- NO.