A comma-separated list of filenames whose extensions will be automatically substituted for ".html" by the internal webserver of your device.



Value Range:

0-40 characters, default = ""

See Also:

URL Substitution


The substitution will be used only if the resource file with the requested file name is not included in the project directly.

For example, setting this property to "pix1.bmp" will force the webserver to actually process "pix1.html", but only if the file "pix1.bmp" is not found. Data output by the webserver to the browser will still look like a ".bmp" file. For this to work, the "pix1.html" must exist in the project.

This property allows programmatic generation of non-HTML files. In the above example it is possible to generate the BMP file through a BASIC code. There is no other way to do this, since only HTML files are parsed for BASIC code inclusions.