.toutcounter R/O property


For the currently selected socket (selection is made through sock.num) returns the time, in 0.5 second intervals, elapsed since the data was last send or received on this socket.



Value Range:

0-65535, default = 0

See Also:

Closing Connections


This property is reset to 0 each time there is some data exchanged across the socket connection. The property increments at 0.5 second intervals while no data is moving through this socket.

If the sock.connectiontout is not at 0, this property increments until it reaches the value of the sock.connectiontout and the connection is terminated. The sock.toutcounter then stays at the value of sock.connectiontout.

If the sock.connectiontout is at 0, the maximum value that the sock.toutcounter can reach is 1. That is, the sock.toutcounter will be at 0 after the data exchange, and at 1 if at least 0.5 seconds have passed since the last data exchange.