.tlsbuffrq Method


Pre-requests the number (numpages) of buffer pages (1 page is 256 bytes) for the buffer used for TLS operations. Returns the actual number of pages that can be allocated.


sock.tlsbuffrq(numpages as word) as word


The actual number of pages that can be allocated.

See Also:

Transport Layer Security (TLS), TLS Buffer Allocation




Requested number of buffer pages to allocate — 39 buffer pages are required for TLS to work; allocating more than 39 pages is not necessary.


The actual buffer allocation happens when the sys.buffalloc method is called.

On the TPP2(G2), TPP3(G2), EM2000, and EM2001, TLS requires a minimum of 39 buffer pages. On these platforms, buffer allocation must take place prior to calling sock.tlsinit.

The WM2000 allocates the necessary TLS buffer space at boot, so no "manual" allocation in code is required and this method is not available.