.nextpacket Method


For the selected socket (selection is made through sock.num) in the UDP mode (sock.protocol= 0- PL_SOCK_PROTOCOL_UDP) closes processing of current UDP datagram and moves to the next datagram.





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For UDP, the sock.getdata method only extracts the data from a single UDP datagram even if several datagrams are stored in the RX buffer. When incoming UDP datagram processing is based on the on_sock_data_arrival event the use of the sock.nextpacket method is not required since each invocation of the on_sock_data_arrival event handler "moves" processing to the next UDP datagram.

The method is useful when it is necessary to move to the next datagram without re-entering on_sock_data_arrival event handler. Therefore, sock.nextpacket is only necessary when the application needs to process several incoming UDP packets at once and within a single event handler.