.escchar Property


For the currently selected socket (selection is made through sock.num) specifies the ASCII code of the character that will be used as an escape character for inband commands (messages).



Value Range:

0-255, default= 255

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Each inband message starts with "EC OC", where "EC" is the escape character defined by the sock.escchar property and "OC" is any character other than "EC". With inband commands enabled, data characters with code matching that of the escape character is transmitted as "EC EC" (that is, two identical characters are needed to transmit a single data character with code matching that of escape character).

This property is irrelevant when inband commands are disabled (sock.inbandcommands = 0 — NO). The program won't be able to change the value of this property when the socket is not idle (sock.statesimple <> 0 — PL_SSTS_CLOSED).