.cmdbuffsize R/O Property (32-bit Platforms Only)


For the currently selected socket (selection is made through sock.num) returns current CMD buffer capacity in bytes.



Value Range:

platform-dependent, default = 0

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The CMD buffer is the buffer that accumulates incoming inband commands (messages).

Buffer capacity can be changed through the sock.cmdbuffrq, which requests buffer size in 256-byte pages, whereas this property returns buffer size in bytes.

Relationship between the two is as follows: sock.cmdbuffsize = num_pages * 256 - 33 (or = 0 when num_pages = 0), where "num_pages" is the number of buffer pages that was GRANTED through sock.cmdbuffrq. "- 33" is because this number of bytes is needed for internal buffer variables.

The CMD buffer is only required when inband commands are enabled (sock.inbandcommands = 1 — YES).

This property is only available on 32-bit platforms.