.allowedinterfaces Property


For the currently selected socket (selection is made through sock.num) defines the list of network interfaces on which this socket will accept incoming connections.



Value Range:

Platform-specific. Refer to your device's platform documentation (for example, EM1000's is here).

See Also:

Accepting Incoming Connections


Interfaces that can be on the list are: "NET" (Ethernet), "WLN" (Wi-Fi), "PPP", and "PPPoE". The list of allowed interfaces is comma-delimited, i.e, "WLN,NET".

Note that reading back the value of this property will return the same list, but not necessarily in the same order. For example, the application may write "WLN,NET" into this property, yet read "NET,WLN" back. Unsupported interface names will be dropped from the list automatically.

The list of interfaces supported by your platform can be checked through sock.availableinterfaces. Only interfaces from this list can be specified as "allowed". Trying to allow an unsupported interface will not work.

The socket will not accept a connection on the interface which is not on the sock.allowedinterfaces list, even if all other connection parameters such as protocol, port, etc. are correct.