Stor Object


The stor. object of TiOS running on Tibbo hardware devices stores data in the onboard EEPROM ICs of these devices.

The stor. object of TiOS Simulator stores the data in a file ( C:\Users\[ name ]\My Documents\TiOS Simulator\tios\eeprom).

To "initialize" this virtual EEPROM, delete the eeprom file or choose TiOS > Clear the EEPROM from the main menu of the Simulator.

Writing into and reading from the virtual EEPROM is much faster than in real life on the real hardware.

As with all Tibbo devices, several bytes at the bottom of the virtual EEPROM constitute a special configuration area. This area stores, among other things, the MAC address of the Simulator. When the eeprom file is created, the MAC field of the special configuration area is set to the MAC address of the host PC. You can change the MAC address stored in the virtual EEPROM using the Change MAC feature of the Device Explorer. This change, however, will not result in the change of the actual MAC address used by the Simulator, as the Simulator always assumes the MAC address of its host PC.  

All other aspects of the stor. object follow our "real" stor. object found on Tibbo devices.